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Energy levels?

I hear a lot of people say, "I could never have a caique; they have too much energy!" I only have caiques, not any other types of parrots, so I don't have a good basis for comparison. So I'm turning to you all:

1. If you have multiple types of parrots, do you think caiques have more energy? If so, how much more energy?

2. (Whether you have other types of birds or not:) Are your caiques high-energy all the time? How much of the day would you say they have really high energy?

3. What factors do you think contribute to your caiques' energy level? (e.g. Foraging, cage size, being flighted or not, having multiple caiques who live together, etc.)

I find that my caiques' energy goes in waves. They usually have a big burst of energy first thing in the morning, then they pig out on breakfast and settle down for a while. They get rambunctious again at some point during the day, then settle down in the afternoon and preen each other and take a nap. Then they are energetic again in the evening, then they put themselves to bed when they're tired.

When they're energetic, they're VERY energetic - sometimes to the point where I have to put them in their room to chill out for a while or do some flight training to burn off some energy. However, they don't sustain that energy level all day; they spend a lot of time preening and napping. Are my caiques unusual? I'd love to hear about everyone else's experiences with this.
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