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Don't go there. No, really.

My two (3.5-year-old) caiques are really good about knowing the places they're supposed to hang out in the house and the places they aren't. (With occasional slip-ups, or possibly boundary-testing, but hey, nobody's perfect all the time.)

Those "acceptable places" have included, for the past few months, the top of the fridge and the top of the kitchen cabinets. However, since they know that the places they are allowed to hang out are also the places it's okay for them to poop, I've decided this needs to change. They usually don't poop there, but even occasional fridge-pooping is too much fridge-pooping for me.

Last night Operation Don't Go There commenced. They already know the "Go!" cue, which means "fly to an appropriate perch," sometimes combined with pointing to said perch to indicate where I want them to go. Their remaining appropriate perch in the kitchen is a hanging toy in the deep window well over the kitchen sink. I spent a large chunk of last night cueing them to fly to me, then fly to the toy to get a reinforcer. If they flew to the cabinet instead, I immediately pointed and used the "Go" cue to redirect them to the right place.

I started just across the kitchen from the perch, so it was within view. As the training session progressed, I slowly moved around the corner into the living room (the living room and kitchen are one big room, and where they and we usually spend our time) out of sight of the perch. I want them to learn that when they fly from the living room to the kitchen, they need to land on their toy (which requires a sharper turn than flying to the fridge or cabinets).

By the end of the training session, they were choosing the toy over the cabinet about 19 times out of 20. Not bad for an evening's work!

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Oh, and pictures of the little devils in question!

This is what happens when I work from home.

I think this one is my favorite of the bunch.

Icarus helping me work.

What could be under the desk?

Icarus, trying to pull the keys off of my keyboard does not count as helping me work.

Nor does pulling the buttons off of my mouse.

Daedalus helping make dinner by eating very tiny carrots.

What's up, Doc?

Carrots are so delicious, they give you the crazy eyes!

Nom nom nom!
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