Thailey (ara_gryphon) wrote in caiques,

Outside at last

I took Caesar outside for the first time on his harness over the weekend. He was a little fussy when we first put the harness on, but once we stepped outside he completely forgot about it and was in total bliss. He was making some of the coolest noises I have ever heard come from him.

He's making his cool raptor noise here.

Caesar's also been doing really well in regards to clicker training. I slacked off for a while due to how busy I was with school, but just the other day I asked him to come to me and he flew right to my arm. He remembered everything I had taught him back in the fall! But he's a smart one... he would only fly to me if he saw I was holding a treat for him.

Before getting the harness on him, I was teaching him to pick it up with his beak and using the clicker. I just realized how easy it would be for me to teach him to drop objects into a cup or to "play basketball". I swear, this bird is far too smart for his own good.
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